We offer a great variety of services.

Maternity Area
Thinking of new moms we have created an exclusive area for the important date when they become new moms. Our Gynecology and Obstetrics floor has 15 rooms, a nurse central, and OR, all equipped and dedicated to the exclusive care of our patients.
Auditorium and classrooms.
Our new Convention Center, Ma. Irma Garcia de Borbolla, located on floors 6 and 7 on Tower 3, has 4 classrooms for undergraduate and post graduate education with capacity for 40-50 persons, 2 more classrooms for 10 persons and an auditorium for 500 persons, with main digital screen (9x6 m), Bose sound system, ample foyer and stand alone kitchen. Al these to give you the best quality and an unique experience for your events.
Resistance bands
Our specialist team have the best and newest equipment, because of this our effort testing assures you of having an excellent cardio evaluation.
I would not include this service on the page, it is not something novel that only this hospital has. With 7 benches for 32 persons, you can have mass but it is small and services must be small too. (I would not include these services, it is your decision)
Cardiological Intervention
With the correct diagnostic and treatment of cardiovascular disease through the use of catheters instead of surgery, in other words in the least invasive way possible.
General Surgery
We have 99 beds with the best equipment, three towers with more than 450 specialist and sub-specialists and 3 operating rooms with a total of 12 rooms, each with the capacity to house surgeries from more than 12 different specialties. These are part of the human and technological resources that San Jose Hospital of Queretaro offers to the people of Queretaro and general public, always with a human and personalized touch.
Plastic Surgery
San Jose Hospital has a team of doctors charged with giving specialized medical care in cosmetic and re- constructive plastic surgery with high quality and high human sensibility, fulfilling the patient’s expectations with personalized and integral medical service, committed to medical excellence.
With an intermediate and pathological care nursery, as well as a special area for the arrival and care of our littlest patients, all completely equipped to give the best service to a new generation.
Your health is first, second and third: because of this our comfortable check-up area has more than 45 specialists in 5 offices, a Holter area, used by cardiology experts and an endoscopy room all in the same place for your comfort.
Bone Densitometry
We want you to have the same strength at every age, for this, with our new GE DPX Densitometer Duo you will have the best diagnostic available for your bones.
Doppler Color
We know how important it is for you to see an image of that new life that is on its way, for this we have high definition ultrasound with 3D and 4D Doppler Color images.
For the best analysis of the circulatory system main organ, we have tests performed by ultrasound, as echocardiography gives more information on size, shape, function and strength of the heart, its movement, width of walls and valve performance.
Valet Parking
Free of charge with high capacity for your comfort Mon-Fri 7:00am to 10:00pm and Sat 7:00am to 6:00pm.
24Hr Pharmacy
To give the best quality on service and practicality we have our external pharmacy open 24hrs daily.
Our staff gives the best medical treatment to artificially eliminate toxic substances from blood through line change or direct hemodialysis.
At the Hemodynamics service we carry out invasive treatment and diagnostic techniques, Hemodynamics care for all the heart and peripheral catheter procedures for diagnostic and treatment of heart disease in one room with high-tech equipment on focused on prevention, with highly qualified staff.
We have a wide variety of rooms: standard, suites and master suites, and an exclusive area for short stay procedures, equipped with OR and independent rooms, with cutting edge technology and a nurse central for the complete care of each patient.
Clinical Laboratory
The clinical laboratory carries out diagnostic procedures, on metabolism, hormones and cultures, that allow doctors give a better treatment to each patient.
Extracorporeal Lythotrpsy
With an X-Ray or ultrasound system, used to locate the foreign body and determine where to carry to treatment.
We have the best equipment to detect abnormalities inside breasts that cannot be detected easily by observation o touching, before problems can develop.
Having the best specialists for a good operating procedure (including education, prevention, evaluation, treatment, intensive care and rehabilitation) of specific diseases of the central, peripheral and vegetative nervous system
Interventionist Radiology
Medical specialty that diagnoses and treats different pathologies through minimally invasive methods, reducing the risk of complication.
X Rays
X Rays allow to see the bone structure, joints and internal organs with diagnosis quality images. Its use is mainly for identifying fractures and visualize chronic processes as EPOC, pulmonary emphysema, among others.
Civil Registry
We are the only hospital in the region that has this service for a better service and comfort specially to register births and deaths. Mon - Thu 8:00-3:00pm and Fri 8:00am-12:00am.
Magnetic Resonance
Used to observe organs and structures inside the body, health professionals use these images to diagnose a variety of conditions from ligament ruptures to tumors. Magnetic resonance images are very useful to examine the brain and spine cord, so you can have the best diagnosis possible.
Open from 8:00am to 8:00pm, our new restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes with its specialty begin pizzas and fresh bread from our stone oven.
Yara Spa offers a place of health, wellness and beauty where you can relax with a good massage o facial depending on your needs. Mon to Fri 9:00am to 7:00pm and Sat 9:00am to 2:00 pm.
Intensive Care
With an ICU for adults and an ICU for neonatal care, we offer free of charge a waiting area where you can be near your patient while the patient is being cared for 24hrs by intensive care doctors and nurses .
With the best tomograph that allows radiological images from just a section or a plane, for a better interpretation.
4D Ultrasound
We know how important it is for you to see an image of that new life that is on its way, for this we have high definition ultrasound with 3D and 4D Doppler Color images.
24Hr Emergency Room
We have emergency specialists for a fast service and treatment from pediatrics, general medicine and traumatology.