About Us

Since 1994 we are taking care of your health.

Queretaro San Jose Hospital

Has the highest quality standards in health care services. Certified by the General Health Care Council, its commitment to guarantee quality and patient safety..

Since 1994 it has been a recognized hospital in Queretaro and Mexico.

We give integral medical attention with quality, warmth and safety, helping to maintain the good health of the public that request it, backed by good practices and professionalism of our staff, supported by the current normative frame. Our vision is to be a hospital recognized for solving health problems, which carries on a secure and solid way, through continuous improvement, that transcends for its dependability with management that adapts to change. We base our daily practice on dependability, confidentiality, tolerance, equality and sensibility Our medical tower has 322 doctors in 50 specialties and 18 sub-specialties Between tower one and two we have 57 beds divided in 3 floors.

We are pioneers and the only ones in Latin America in fetal surgery. We have also the most successful renal transplants in the State, this combined with our experienced staff makes us one of the most competitive hospitals in Queretaro.

San Jose Hospital awaits you with open arms to take preventive and corrective actions for your health. Our medical team is recognized for its experience in each medical specialty. We have a comprehensive directory that will help you greatly when you need it. We have more than 20 years of history that are a guarantee of tradition in Queretaro and the Bajio Area.